Professional Photographer

We all have digital cameras these days.  Don’t forget to bring yours, and remember to charge the battery.

But if you want an extraordinary photographer to sail with you to capture a special event or would like a beautiful portrait album of you on a deserted beach at sunset, then get in touch with our friend Jon Nickson at

Arguably the friendliest professional photographer in the Turks and Caicos Islands, most of the best photos on the site were taken by Jon, including the helicopter photos and the rainbow photos  – none of which are ‘photoshopped’!

Jon also does amazing videography, which is perfect for capturing the tranquility of a sailing boat gliding through the water.


Links to the friends who share our passions:


Caicos Cafe – Max and Marco – Our favourite restaurant.

Calvert Sails  – – Dave Calvert has been building state of the art custom sails for Beluga for 25 years.

Flamingo divers – – Micky and Jane are to diving as we are to sailing.  We love what we do.

Jon Nickson – –  No better photographer, anywhere.  Also credited on our gallery page.

Kristi Vestal at After5 Island Conceirge – – Kristi will help you with EVERYTHING!

Marine Conservation Society – Follow this incredible research project which tracks endangered sea turtles from the TCI – Turks and Caicos Islands Rugby Football Union, now you know where Nik got those bruises!

Turks and Caicos Reef – Helping protect our beautiful barrier reef.

Wharram Catamarans – – BELUGA was designed by James Wharram.