Sail Beluga was started by Captain Tim a long long time ago. As the Turks and Caicos has grown so to has Sail Beluga, read about our crew below.

Captain Tim

Tim built and sailed BELUGA to the Turks and Caicos Islands in 1985. Ask him about “the old days” and he’ll share some of the history of Provo with you. (We call our home Provo because Providenciales is such a mouth full!) Ask him about his friend JoJo the dolphin and you’ll have to ask him to stop when you’ve had enough. Ask him to take you sailing and he can’t help teaching your children how it works because Tim’s love of sailing started as a child with his Dad. Ever since he has been designing, building and sailing boats. Trained in boatbuilding and Search and Rescue by the RNLI off the coast of Wales, Tim learned to love the ocean and went home to build his own catamaran. BELUGA was launched in 1982 and in 1983 Tim was asked to build the 80 foot racing catamaran, FORMULE TAG, with Nigel Irens. She would go on to break the Round the World record in 1994 as ENZA NEW ZEALAND under the late Sir Peter Blake. Long gone by then, Tim had sailed away. He found paradise in the Turks and Caicos Islands and is looking forward to sharing it with you. Please drop us a line at: or call 649-231-0732.

Captain Nik

Nik has been sailing BELUGA in the Turks and Caicos since 2011 and is now her full time captain. After learning to sail with his father before he can even remember, Nik found his way to the Greek Islands where he led a flotilla of sailboats through the Mediterranean for 4 years. There was also a “quick trip” sailing from Spain back to his native New Zealand before heading back out to Greece where he met the lovely Rebecca. Rebecca had found herself a job in the Turks and Caicos and she persuaded Nik to follow. After the mandatory 2 weeks of lying on the beach doing nothing, Nik needed to go sailing and started asking around until he found what he was looking for and, as the saying goes: “the rest is history”. After a full years apprenticeship with Captain Tim, Nik has been able to apply his considerable skills to navigating a big catamaran through the tropics and is looking forward to sharing his love of sailing with you. A fish in the water who can hold his breath for much too long, Nik is always ready to take you snorkeling. Perhaps you are a beginner and would like Nik to teach you how to snorkel or perhaps you are a seasoned snorkeler and a long ocean swim through the barrier reef is more your style. Whatever you’re up for, Nik loves to explore the reef and will be happy to take you with him. Please drop us a line at: info@sailbeluga or call 649-231-0732.



Morgan was born and raised in the Turks and Caicos Islands where she grew up camping on desert islands with her family and friends. She is as at home in our underwater world as the fish! Snorkel with her through the reef and you will see all manner of life that you might never have noticed for she has a trained eye and sees what others may miss. After schooling in the USA she has just returned from England with a degree in photography. Ask her to take your picture, she knows how! A gifted photographer, you will be seeing more of her work on this site in the near future. With her STCW from ICT in Ft. Lauderdale Morgan hopes to soon be “Captain Morgan” aboard her very own “Baby Beluga”.


Admiral Schooner

Schooner is the luckiest potcake in the world. Potcakes are the local wild dogs of the Turks and Caicos Islands and Bahamas and have been here since before Christopher Columbus made landfall on Grand Turk. You can find out more about them at

Schooner found Captain Tim in 2000 when he was only a few weeks old and was brought up aboard BELUGA. He is undoubtedly the Admiral and loves to squeeze into the seat with you, just to remind you whose boat it really is!